Strapped Super Bowl Winners Dump Championship Rings


If you are lucky enough to win a Super Bowl not only do you have some memories but you also have a wanted asset: Your Super Bowl ring. According to a report on CNBC about*, there are thousands of eager buyers who are dying to buy them. The company’s only regret is that it can’t buy enough of the available rings to satisfy demand.

How much are they going for? A 2008 NY Giants Super Bowl ring just sold for more than $40k. If you’re strapped and have a ring that’s dumped often before fancy cars and houses, because, despite the ring’s size, friends and fans won’t notice if it’s missing, says a spokesperson. Surprisingly, most winners don’t really wear them too often in public.

The most coveted and rarely available ring? The ’91 Washington Redskins ring. But, in recent months, however, three players sold them.

Start shopping! Only 3 more days ’til Xmas and, of course, Chanukah just started.

*Good luck logging onto the Web site. We couldn’t log on after the story ran on CNBC; they must be slammed.