Netflix made an adorably '80s 'Stranger Things' game that you can play for free right now

Think you can take down the Demogorgon? Now you can find out — from the relative safety of your smartphone, no less — in the new “Stranger Things” game.

Check out this title screen, which can only be described as “rad”:

Stranger Things (the game)Netflix/Bonus XPSpoooooooky.

The game is free on both Android and iOS — it’s a promotion for the upcoming second season of “Stranger Things,” which debuts on Netflix on October 27. That said, the game looks like much more than an advertisement.

You can play as each of the show’s main characters, each of which has their own special ability. Lucas has a “wrist rocket,” for instance:

“Stranger Things: The Game” looks a bit ahead of where actual game graphics were in the mid ’80s. It’s more in line with a Super Nintendo game of the early ’90s. 

We’ll forgive them, though — this isn’t just a free game, but a free game that looks surprisingly deep and delightful. Here’s where you can download it:

Check out a trailer of the game right here:


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