The actress who plays Barb on ‘Stranger Things’ says she didn’t think anyone would care about her

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Chelsea Handler, left, and ‘Stranger Things’ actress Shannon Purser. Netflix; YouTube

Warning: Spoilers below if you haven’t watched the first season of Netflix’s “Stranger Things.”
Barb has become a huge breakout character for fans of Netflix’s “Stranger Things,” which caught the actress who played her by surprise.

What’s not surprising? Actress Shannon Purser had her first television interview on Thursday’s episode of Netflix talk show “Chelsea.” That’s called synergy.

On “Stranger Things,” Barb was Nancy’s (Natalia Dyer) best friend. She accompanied Nancy on a secret night out with school bad boy Steve (Joe Keery), and then ended up becoming a victim of the show’s monster.

“It was absolutely amazing,” Purser said of the role, which was her first acting job ever. “It was totally unexpected. I had a great time with the kids, and with everybody, and on the show. And suddenly it blew up. People were tweeting about Barb. I didn’t think anybody would care and they did. It was awesome.”

Chelsea then joked, “We came up with a new hashtag: #BarbLivesMatter.”

It’s unclear whether Barb will return from the dead for the second season of “Stranger Things.” But Purser has already landed a new gig on The CW’s upcoming live-action drama based on the “Archie” comic books, “Riverdale.”

So don’t worry, Barb won’t be leaving TV one way or another.

Watch the preview of Purser on “Chelsea” below:

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