Every detail you might have missed in the 'Stranger Things 3' trailer

Netflix‘Stranger Things 3’ premieres on July 4.

“Stranger Things 3” arrives on Netflix this Fourth of July, and fans finally have the first major look at what supernatural horrors are in store for Hawkins. The first official trailer (which you can watch here) was released on Tuesday morning, and we’re here to break down all the important shots and details you might have missed.

Keep reading for a closer look at Eleven, Mike, Hopper, and the new danger threatening Hawkins.

The trailer opens with Dustin alone in his room, freshly returned from a summer camp.

NetflixGaten Matarazzo plays Dustin.

He seems to be bummed no one is there to greet him, but little does he know that his friends are pranking him.

Mike, Will, Lucas, and Max are hiding while Eleven uses her powers to make Dustin’s electronic toys move.

When Dustin is (rightfully) scared out of his mind, he turns and hits Lucas full in the face with Farrah Fawcett hair spray.

NetflixDustin is traumatized from two years of horrors, so of course this scared him.

Last season, Steve Harrington helped out Dustin by telling him his secret to great hair: Four puffs of Farrah Fawcett hair spray.

Looks like Dustin is still keeping up with this hair care routine, even a year later.

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After the group calms down, they head to a hill in order to erect what looks like a homemade satellite tower.

NetflixWe know this is the same day because of everyone’s outfits.

The young friends on “Stranger Things” have always relied heavily on radio communication for their adventures. This new tower might be a way for them to get a stronger signal across town.

We know the first episode of the season is called “Suzie, Do You Copy?,” so this ties in well.

Though the friends are temporarily united, it looks like Dustin will be left feeling lonely again.

NetflixMax and Lucas are walking away from Dustin, holding hands.

On season two, the new girl in town, Max, created a bit of a crush-triangle with Lucas and Dustin.

It looks like Max and Lucas are officially a thing, and Dustin is left feeling like a third wheel.

The whole friend group is transitioning out of their childhood.

NetflixMike looks warily back at Will’s house as they bike away.

“We’re not kids anymore,” Mike says. “I mean what did you think? We’re just gonna sit in my basement all day and play games for the rest of our lives?”

The crew is now entering high school and their teenage years.The Who’s 1971 single “Baba O’Riley” was remixed for the trailer – the chorus of which croons about “teenage wasteland.”

Eleven and Max have a blossoming friendship.

NetflixMillie Bobby Brown and Sadie Sink play Eleven (Jane) and Max.

In one shot, you can see them playing dress-up in full ’80s glam.

They also visit the Starcourt Mall, a snazzy new hangout spot in Hawkins.

NetflixEleven looks overwhelmed.

The arrival of the Starcourt Mall in Hawkins was the first major thing Netflix teased for “Stranger Things 3.” We also know the last episode of the season will be called “The Battle of Starcourt.”

Steve is working at an ice cream shop called Scoops Ahoy inside the mall.

NetflixHe and Dustin have a secret handshake that involves miming lightsabers, which is perfect.

This means Steve is wearing a sailor’s outfit for the season’s big fight scene. No complaints here.

Local Hawkins residents are protesting the mall, though.

NetflixMany of the signs are about supporting local businesses.

One man in the back is holding a sign that says: “The pretzels aren’t even that good.”

A new character for the season is Mayor Kline, played by iconic actor Cary Elwes.

NetflixYou know him from the 1987 classic ‘The Princess Bride.’

As we’ve noted with previous teasers, it’s very likely that the Russian spy subplot from the first season comes back this year. If there’s a political angle to the new season, it’s possible Mayor Kline is in the middle of it.

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Mayor Kline is responsible for the “Fun Fair” we see in the trailer

NetflixThe sign says ‘Mayor Kline presents’ the Fun Fair.

This fair is probably taking place around the Fourth of July, hence the premiere date for the new season.

The fair is the backdrop for a series of shots with Hopper looking mightily concerned and in a chase of sorts.

NetflixHopper is back with a mustache and full-on ’80s shirt.

He has a head wound, and seems to be running from someone (or something).

He might have started his night with a pleasant date.

NetflixHopper sitting at a nice restaurant.

He’s wearing the same shirt seen in the fair scenes underneath his dinner jacket. But who is he waiting for?

Joyce is shown at home on the couch, which makes it look like Hopper isn’t expecting her for dinner.

NetflixWinona Ryder stars as Joyce Byers.

Joyce and Hopper have been vibing on the earlier seasons, but whether or not they actually start dating is to be seen.

Back in the fair, a man with a gun walks through a fun house mirror room.

NetflixWho is this dude?

This is probably the person Hopper is squaring off with at the fair.

That same man is in another shot of the trailer with a different gun.

NetflixWhat room is he in this time?

He could be one of the Russian spies we suspect will appear on the new season.

It looks like Hopper turns the tables on the mystery man.

NetflixHopper aims a gun at someone in the fair.

Hopefully, Hopper gets more of his Indiana Jones-style heroics on the new season.

Guess who else is at the fair? It’s Murray, our favourite “Stranger Things” conspiracy theorist.

NetflixMurray is back.

Murray had a starring role last season when Nancy and Jonathan turned to him for help, and all of his theories about Hawkins Lab and Eleven turned out to be mostly true.

Meanwhile, Billy is a lifeguard at the local pool.

NetflixDacre Montgomery plays Billy, Max’s mean older brother.

Another episode this season is titled “The Case of the Missing Lifeguard” – does that refer to Billy?

Mrs. Wheeler (Mike’s mum) is still giving Billy some rather age-inappropriate glances.

NetflixKaren Wheeler is harder to recognise without the blown-out hair.

At the end of the last season, Billy showed up to the Wheeler house unannounced and Mike’s mum seemed a little too interested in the high schooler.

But Billy has bigger problems. In this scene, he’s looking concerned at a mark on his arm.

NetflixThat’s Billy in the shower.

It appears that Billy will be bitten by … something.

One of the episodes this season is titled “The Bite.”

NetflixThis can’t be good.

We’re betting this is that ominous mark the title refers to.

This looks like Billy’s eye, and there are strange dark veins on the whites of his eye.

NetflixDefinitely not good.

If we had to guess, we’d say this has something to do with the Mind Flayer.

Eleven may have sealed the Mind Flayer’s gate into Hawkins, but as the final shot of season two showed, it’s still out there and watching. This supernatural looking infestation might be the work of the Mind Flayer.

Other Hawkins residents appear to be infected.

NetflixIs this also at the fair?

This brief shot of two dead-eyed looking women is reminiscent of a zombie-like spread.

The infestation could also explain why some scenes appear to be taking place in a hospital.

NetflixEleven leading the charge.

Many of the backgrounds shown in the trailer look like they’re in hospital hallways.

Most importantly, the new monster seems to grow inside a hospital corridor.

NetflixNo thank you.

This new terrifying creature seemed to grow new limbs as Jonathan and Nancy watched in the hallway.

Jonathan is on one side of the beast.

NetflixHe looks rightfully apprehensive.

Why are all the lights off? Where are the rest of the people?

Meanwhile, Nancy is on the other side of the hallway, watching the monster take its form.

NetflixAgreed, Nancy.

Is this new monster what people turn into if they’re “bitten” and it goes untreated? Or is it a new creature from the Upside Down?

Earlier in the trailer, Nancy and Jonathan were looking nervous at a newspaper office.

NetflixBased on the trailer, this appears to be The Hawkins Post newspaper office.

Are they there for job interviews? Or is another story about the terrors in Hawkins being published?

At another point in the trailer, we see a machine erupting with an electric force, and limbs that remind us of the Mind Flayer.

NetflixThis could be Hawkins Lab.

Perhaps this is related to Hawkins Lab experiments, or maybe it’s a new location altogether.

The men in masks are being roasted by the bolts of electricity.

NetflixR.I.P. these dudes.

The colouring and pattern of the wounds is again similar to what we saw from the Mind Flayer inside Hawkins Lab last season, so this could be connected to the “gate.”

Then there’s a shot of this menacing man, a new character named Bruce.

NetflixBruce is played by Jake Busey.

As reported by Variety, Bruce is a “journalist for the The Hawkins Post, with questionable morals and a sick sense of humour.”

Right before we see Bruce, there’s a shot of scurrying rats.

NetflixIs he connected to these fellas?

The rats were used when Netflix teased the trailer, posting a GIF on Twitter of rats running and saying “it’s almost feeding time.”

Do the rats feed on people? On monsters? Are they part of the spread of the infestation affecting Billy? Is that where the “bite” came from?

But now we need to talk about Eleven. Or should we say Jane?

NetflixMillie Bobby Brown stars as Eleven.

She seems to be exploring new ways of using her powers.

There’s a concerning series of shots in her “void,” where things don’t seem to be going well.

NetflixThe void is the black space where she can enter in her mind.

We see her falling onto the ground as a bathtub vanishes.

In another shot, she’s falling through the air.

NetflixNote her shirt in this scene.

She wears the same black and yellow shirt in several key parts of the trailer.

In this shot, it looks like she’s drowning.

NetflixThis could also be in her void.

The drowning scene is mirrored in another shot of a mystery character …

… this woman sinking down in water.

NetflixWho is watching her?

The woman appears to be wearing the same red lifeguard uniform we saw in Billy’s pool scene. Could this be the “missing” lifeguard instead?

It’s also possible Eleven finds new settings to travel to instead of her black void.

NetflixThe red lightning pattern in the background is the marker of the Mind Flayer.

This shot of her on an empty beach could mean she’s travelled to the edge of Indiana to Lake Michigan.

But we think it’s a new space she’s travelled to in her mind.

This is likely Eleven testing out a new method for her telepathy.

NetflixAll of the fridge doors are open.

We know she can use her powers best in a sensory deprivation tank, but a cold fridge of Eggo waffles might be the next best thing.

The final season showdown will take place at the mall, where all of our favourite characters appear to team up.

NetflixThere’s Steve in his Scoops Ahoy uniform, as promised.

Nancy and Jonathan are in different clothes, so this must be a different day from the hospital scene with the new monster.

We see Steve’s co-worker, a new character named Robin, sliding down escalator banister.

NetflixSteve and Dustin are right behind her.

Fighting a supernatural monster in a closed shopping mall? Rad.

At one point, Steve is going to be beat up again and then injected with something.

NetflixHe has a black eye (again).

This might be a cure for whatever infection is spreading in Hawkins, or something more sinister. Steve certainly looks terrified, which is worrying.

Lucas’ sister Erica is back.

NetflixThis feels like a ‘Die Hard’ (1988) reference.

She was a fan favourite part of season two, so it looks like we’re getting more action from Erica this time around.

Lucas’s wrist rocket is also back.

NetflixWhat (or who) he’s aiming at is a mystery.

He tried (and failed) to use this on the Demogorgon on season one.

And Hawkins’ resident beacon for supernatural horror, Will, is looking concerned.

NetflixIs he finally going to catch a break?

Will Byers has been through almost as much awful supernatural terror as Eleven, but he doesn’t seem to be the focus of the season three trailer.

Will might have a hard time moving on from his younger years, given how much trauma he’s been through.

NetflixHe seems to be reflecting on the good ol’ days.
The first poster for “Stranger Things 3” showed both Eleven and Will looking at a threat the others didn’t notice yet. It’s likely he still has a role to play in the fight against the Mind Flayer and the war for Hawkins.

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