There's a hidden message in the new 'Stranger Things 3' teaser — here's what it could mean

NetflixEleven (Millie Bobby Brown) is likely going to be in danger again on Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things 3.’
  • “Stranger Things 3” arrives on Netflix this coming July 4.
  • In a new teaser video, the message “when blue and yellow meet in the west” was on a computer screen.
  • This same phrase was found in Morse code inside the “Official Behind-the-Scenes Companion” book released last fall.
  • The phrase could refer to the blue and yellow hands of the clock in Starcourt Mall, a new location in the coming season seen in another teaser video.
  • The final episode of “Stranger Things 3” is called “The Battle of Starcourt,” which makes some fans believe the hidden morse code clues are related to a big showdown on the season finale.

Netflix announced the official release date of “Stranger Things” season three in a New Year’s Eve teaser video. The clip began with old footage from “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” in 1985 – the year “Stranger Things 3” will take place. Fake signal interruptions showed the screen of an older computer terminal, and the phrase “when blue and yellow meet in the west.”

Fans on the “Stranger Things” subreddit were quick to notice that same word set had been inside the official “Behind-The-Scenes Companion” book released in October 2018. The book comes with an international morse code pocket signal disk, and people realised there were morse code messages sprinkled throughout the text.

Two of those phrases appeared in the New Year’s Eve teaser, indicating the book’s foreshadowing of events to come on the third season of “Stranger Things.”

“When Blue and Yellow Meet in the West”

Stranger Things 3 New Year's Eve teaser terminal screen When Blue And Yellow Meet In The WestNetflixThis message clicked into place after the characters were changing rapidly.

The first of these is the phrase “when blue and yellow meet in the west.” The way it appears, with rows of changing number and letters, makes it seem like a decoded message. As many people have discussed on the “Stranger Things” subreddit, this is likely linked to the Starcourt Mall.

Last summer, Netflix released a fake commercial for the new Starcourt Mall in Hawkins, Indiana (where “Stranger Things” takes place). A brief shot of in the mall showed a clock with one yellow hand and one blue hand. Could this be what the message is alluding to?

Starcourt Mall teaser Stranger Things 3NetflixThe Starcourt Mall clock.

Perhaps the message is signalling a time and location for an event to occur. For example, at 9:45 both the hands would be pointing to the place where “west” would be if the clock were a compass.

Others pointed out that the newly released poster, with the tagline “one summer can change everything,” shows Eleven wearing a blue top and Mike wearing yellow. It’s likely the pair of them will be at the center of whatever mania happens this season, so their costumes could be a tie-in to this event as well.

Stranger Things 3 poster Netflix July 4NetflixNetflix’s first look at ‘Stranger Things 3’ came via this poster.

The link between the video message and Starcourt Mall is also strengthened by the revelation of the “Stranger Things 3” episode titles. As announced by Netflix in December, the final episode of the season is called “The Battle of Starcourt.” This makes it clear we can expect a showdown, possibly similar to Eleven’s face off with the Mindflayer on last season’s finale “The Gate.”

The Silver Cat Feeds

Next in the teaser came another terminal screen, this time showing someone typing a command to run a program called SilverCatFeeds.exe, which might be connected to the “Lynx Corp.” shown at the top of the screen.

Stranger Things 3 New Year's Eve teaser terminal screenNetflixThe terminal text shown on the screen in the New Year’s Eve teaser.
Silver Cat Feeds Stranger Things 3 teaserNetflixSilverCatFeeds.exe is a program file someone wants to run.

“The silver cat feeds” was another one of the morse-coded messages found by fans inside the “Stranger Things” companion book. Since the terminal text also references Lynx Corp. multiple times, we believe this new mysterious company is connected to both the program file being run (which could be a virus) and the “blue and yellow” message.

And both of these clues could also be linked to another reference we spotted in the Starcourt Mall teaser last year. Both seasons of “Stranger Things” so far have made references to the Cold War and Russian spy interests. In a shot of a bookstore, the Starcourt Mall video showed a window display for Tom Clancy’s 1984 Cold War spy novel “The Hunt for Red October.”

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A goofy new ‘Stranger Things’ mall teaser might have a very serious clue about a Russian subplot for season three

Eleven Russian Spy Stranger Things season one E5NetflixEleven was asked by Dr. Brenner and his team to find this Russian-speaking man and listen to him.

When Eleven was first trained to use her powers by Dr. Brenner, he had her find and listen to a man speaking Russian. On the second season, conspiracy theorist Murray Bauman alluded to Russian spies when he was piecing together the clues about Eleven and Hawkins Lab.

On top of all this, the Russian word for “Eleven” was also among the glitched footage in the New Year’s eve video.

So. A battle at the Starcourt Mall, mysterious coded messages, Cold War references, and Eleven looking extremely concerned once more at the sight of something surely supernatural. Fans can expect “Stranger Things 3” to be anything but boring.

“Stranger Things 3” premieres on July 4 on Netflix. For a closer look at the biggest details you might have missed on last season of “Stranger Things,” read more here. Watch the full New Year’s Eve video teaser below.


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