10 strange crimes that have happened in fast-food restaurants so far this year, from a brawl in McDonald's to an ATM robbery in Dunkin'

Flickr/_skynetMcDonald’s kicked off 2019 with an odd crime in one of its Florida locations in January.

These days, fast-food employees need more than an apron and hat – in many instances, they may need protection.

Workers in a Chicago McDonald’s location filed a complaint with the Occupational Health and Safety Administration in May, after workers counted more than 30 instances of crime-related activity in the restaurant over a six-month period.

The National Employment Law Project counted more than 700 violent incidents over the last three years in McDonald’s stores, with 72% of the incidents involving guns,CBS News reported.

And, it’s not just McDonald’s. From an ATM burglary in a Dunkin’ restaurant to a man accused of stealing a safe in a Wendy’s, here are 10 strange crimes that have happened in fast-food restaurants so far in 2019:

McDonald’s kicked off 2019 with an odd crime in one of its Florida locations in January.

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A viral video showed a fight between a McDonald’s employee and a customer who was apparently upset about the lack of plastic straws available. St. Petersburg, Florida – where the McDonald’s was located – had recently banned the giving away of unlimited plastic straws in fast-food restaurants.

In the video, the customer is seen grabbing the female employee by the shirt, with the employee responding by hitting the customer in what looked like an effort to get him to release her.

The suspect was arrested on two charges of simple battery.

At a South Carolina McDonald’s location, a customer was arrested after he was accused of throwing hot coffee on a McDonald’s employee at a drive-thru window.

The customer was reportedly angry for having to wait for his French fries to be ready, local news reported.

He turned himself in a few days later.

Another drive-thru incident occurred at a Florida Taco Bell in June.

AP/Wilfredo LeeCustomers line up at a Taco Bell restaurant inside Miami International Airport in Miami.

A man was arrested and charged in connection with an attack on a Taco Bell employee at the drive-thru window, local news reported.

Police say the man attempted to hit the employee after an argument at the window, and that the employee responded by hitting the man in the face.

According to police, the man then kicked and shattered the restaurant door and proceeded to punch the employee. He was later charged with battery, burglary, and criminal mischief.

Two people attempted to rob a KFC in New Bern, North Carolina, in February — but they didn’t quite succeed, police said.

Wilfredo Lee / AP Images

Police responded to a 911 call that said there were two armed men attempting to rob the restaurant, local news reported.

Police said they caught one suspect after a short chase and found a gun and an undisclosed amount of money. No one was injured. The other suspect was still on the run as of February 15.

A Florida woman was charged with assault or battery, criminal mischief, and attempted robbery with a deadly weapon after she didn’t get free fries in a Burger King in May, police said.

Dave Rowland / Stringer / Getty Images

A police affidavit said the woman jumped over the drive-thru counter after being refused the fries and proceeded to beat and threaten the store manager, Fox News reported. Her girlfriend was also accused of assaulting the victim.

A Burger King in the same Florida county was evacuated a few months earlier because of a bomb scare — which turned out to be just a scare.

Gene J. Puskar/AP

Police said witnesses noticed a man walk into the restaurant with a package and a strange demeanour, local news reported. The man was taken into custody, and the bomb squad detonated the package with no incident.

Another Burger King customer in Michigan threw a violent fit of rage after receiving a burger with tomatoes, which she apparently did not want, according to police.

After demanding a cash refund for her order, the customer began throwing items in the store at employees, police told local news outlets.

She was later arrested and charged with assault, battery, obstruction, and malicious damage to property.

A man in a San Diego area Arby’s initiated a brawl with another man after an incident in the parking lot, police said.


The man was cut off from parking in the lot of the Arby’s location, so he initiated a confrontation with the victim, police told local news.

The victim was taken to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with an orbital fracture, police said. As of May 9, police were still looking for the suspect.

A man was charged with third-degree burglary, third-degree larceny, and first-degree criminal mischief after he broke into an ATM in a Bristol, Connecticut, Dunkin’, police said.

An investigation by police revealed that the man likely used a hydraulic tool to break into the machine. Police estimated that the man had stolen over $US200,00 in cash from ATMs across the state of Connecticut, according to local news.

In one of the strangest fast-food crimes of the year, a Florida man was accused of breaking into a Wendy’s, where he then cooked a burger and stole a safe.

AP/Michael Dwyer

Police called the suspect a “modern day Hamburglar” – a reference to an old McDonald’s character, according to local news.

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