"Stossel" Premieres Tonight at 8pm ET on Fox Business

John Stossel

Finally! Tonight I premiere my new show on Fox Business at 8pm ET. I still haven’t decided what the show will be about! It will either be about the “climate crisis” or Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”. In this week’s syndicated column, my indecision is on display:

I’m partial to an “Atlas” show because I reread the novel recently and was stunned. It was as if Rand had seen the future…The “Preservation of Livelihood Law.” The “Equalization of Opportunity Law.” The “Steel Unification Plan.”

Don’t these sound like laws passed by the current Congress? …

On second thought, with Barack Obama heading to Copenhagen promising America will cut its greenhouse gasses by 83 per cent (not 82, not 84 — exactly 83), I may do my first show on global warming.

I’ll decide today — when I begin my new career.

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