The 'Storyline' App That Shows The Front Page Of The Australian From Your Birthday Was Built By This Sydney Startup

Native Empire CEO Andrew Tweedie / Supplied.

Lots of people are talking about Storyline, an online app built by The Australian to mark its 50th birthday today.

The app lets you punch in your date of birth, and shows you the front page of the paper from that day, and the top stories each year as you grew older. Very cool.

The app was built by Sydney-based startup Native Empire.

Working out of the Fishburners tech incubator hub in Sydney, Native Empire won a competition to build an innovative app to help News Corp celebrate its 50th birthday.

Native Empire CEO Andrew Tweedie told Business Insider that News Corp wanted to develop a way to get people to engage with their brand and news events over the last 50 years.

“They wanted it [the birthday] to mean something to other people as well,” he said.

To do this Native Empire, which builds digital brand engagement tools, came up with the idea of allowing people to enter their birthday, and from there displaying a timeline with major over the person’s lifetime.

Tweedie said the project was a great opportunity to use its startup approach in a big organisation. (There’s more on startups and big business working together here.)

He said it “gives us a chance to work with real-world companies and helps raise the profile of the start-up community on a national level”.

“Building apps like this is what we love to do, it stretches our imagination and gets us to push the technology as far as it can go,” he said, adding winning the competition has given the startup, which specialies in building mobile and social media tools, a lot of exposure.

“It’ll help us get a bit of attention from people and demonstrate what we can do,” he said.

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