Stormy Daniels felt her life was in danger after her '60 Minutes' interview and had her friend record a video of her final will and testament

AP via CBSStormy Daniels and Anderson Cooper on ’60 Minutes.’
  • Porn star Stormy Daniels wrote in her upcoming book “Full Disclosure” that she received many death threats after her March “60 Minutes” interview.
  • That led her to having a friend record her last will and testament.

Porn star Stormy Daniels wrote in her upcoming book “Full Disclosure” that she received so many death threats after her “60 Minutes” interview in March that she had a friend record her last will and testament.

The “60 Minutes” interview with journalist Anderson Cooper was Daniels’s first in-depth on-camera interview about her allegations of a 2006 affair with Donald Trump. She was paid $US130,000 by President Trump’s former longtime lawyer Michael Cohen just prior to the 2016 presidential election to stay silent about the allegation, and that payment led to Cohen’s conviction last month on campaign-finance violations and other charges in federal court.

Daniels’s interview led to the show’s highest ratings in nearly a decade. In that interview, Daniels described how she was threatened in 2011 to stay silent about her allegations of an affair with Trump.

Daniels wrote in her book, obtained by Business Insider and set to be released Tuesday, that she had a friend record a statement for her after they watched the “60 Minutes” interview when it first aired. At the time, she was receiving countless death threats, she wrote. In one message, someone suggested that her daughter “be euthanised because she would be better off,” she wrote.

“I started reeling off a last will and testament, never so direct about anything in my life,” she wrote. “I said who to contact about my life insurance policy, cautioning that the person should not immediately give the money to Glen [her husband].”

Daniels asked her friend to put the video onto a thumb drive and not ”say a word about where it’s at until I’m killed.”

“I was that certain,” she said. “I told him who to give it to, and we haven’t discussed it since. I had lived alone with the fear of being murdered to ensure my silence for so long that now that the world was discussing the death threats against me, I felt like I finally had some company in my concern.”

That instance is not the only time Daniels feared for her life as a result of her allegations of an affair with Trump. Of course, there was the threat in 2011 she had described to “60 Minutes” where she said a man approached her and her daughter in a parking lot and told her to “leave Trump alone,” adding that her young daughter was beautiful and “it’d be a shame if something happened to her mum.”

And, as Daniels wrote in “Full Disclosure,” she signed the non-disclosure agreement with Cohen because she thought it would ensure her safety.

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