This Sprawling Outdoor Sculpture Garden Is The Perfect Day Trip From New York City

Storm King Arts centre

Photo: Robert Libetti/ Business Insider

Located about an hour north of New York City inĀ Mountainville, NY Storm King Art centre is a fascinating mix of art and nature. The 500-acre property was founded in 1960, and is open from April to November.It is a sprawling exhibition of more than 100 sculptures and installations, which includes massive works by well known artists such as Roy Lichtenstein, Richard Serra and Maya Lin as well as smaller pieces by lesser-known names.

We visited the centre last fall and an afternoon walking through the property was a cross between a beautiful, leisurely hike and visiting a top-notch museum.

We followed the paths through the picturesque grounds...

Nature and art integrate in unexpected ways.

And sometimes nature is pretty cool on its own.

As you get further away the pieces become a part of the landscape.

It's a series of multiple face sculptures embedded in the ground.

An examination of light and dark.

You can stare at it for a while and find all sorts of interesting angles.

Here it is from behind.

Walking through it is overwhelming.

Looking at it is mesmerizing.

A small lake nearby looks like a painting.

Here is another one call Jambalaya.

di Suvero's signature use of orange punctuates the orange and green of the trees.

Another di Suvero.

It's a great place for visitors to relax before they begin their journey back to NYC.

Prefer to stay in the city?

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