The storm that's about to pummel the East Coast could become a 'cold weather bomb' -- here's what that means

A massive storm bearing down on the East Coast could bring record-breaking freezing temperatures and snow. The event is forming because of “bombogenesis,” a rapid drop in atmospheric pressure that intensifies a storm. Following is a transcript of the video.

A “cold weather bomb” is making its way up the East Coast. Also known as a “bombogenesis,” it could bring lots of snow and record-low temperatures. “Bombogenesis” is a two-part process.

First, the storm has to move out over the ocean. Then, the center of the storm quickly becomes more intense. Meteorologists call this type of storm system a “weather bomb.” As the storm strengthens, wind and precipitation spike. It happens when atmospheric pressure nose dives over a short time period.

Causing an average snowstorm to morph into one with hurricane-force winds. The storm could blanket the East Coast in snow from Florida to Maine.

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