Massive parts of Britain are being flooded by Storm Desmond -- and it's going to get a lot worse

Britain is being told by the government to literally batten down the hatches as large parts of England, Scotland, Wales and the Republic of Ireland are already being flooded by heavy rain from Storm Desmond.

More than 150 flood warnings have been issued by Britain Met Office.

There are currently 17 severe flood warnings, which indicate danger to life, for Cumbria and Northumberland while north-west of England is now tagged as a red warning zone, which means no one should travel there unless it’s absolutely essential.

Meanwhile, large parts of Scotland are on amber alert, meaning that those areas are potentially going to be flooded further. 

In the Republic of Ireland, over 2,000 homes have been left without electricity due to the flooding. Hundreds of others in Wales and North Yorkshire are also without power.

However, Twitter is already awash with pictures of severe flooding, showing massive damage to roads, houses and public areas.


This video of a couch floating past rows of houses is also doing the round on social media. It is taken from a BBC report from Cumbria, which is in the north of England:

People are also reporting being stuck in their cars in some parts of Ireland:


For advice and updates from Britain’s Met Office about how Storm Desmond is likely to affect the area where you live, please check out its official website here.

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