The Prison In China Where Inmates Allegedly Made Qantas Headphone Sounds Horrible

Electrocution, beatings and suicide: These things are part of everyday life according to news reports on China’s Donggua Prison.

Danny Cancian, a New Zealand national, was realeased from the jail last year, and was quoted in an article in Today’s AFR which said Qantas, British Airways and Emirates headphones are made there.

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In March this year, Cancian also gave an interview to on four years spent locked up in Donggua, a stint during which he claims he didn’t see “the sun or the stars.”

“There were people hanging themselves every week. They had to take all the wire clothes lines out of the cells,” he said in the March article.

Based on his account, six days of every week prisoners would be marched at 5am to a factory next door to the prison — after a breakfast of rice water — where they would work until seven in the evening.

Lunch was rice and cabbage. At dinner Cancian said he sometimes lucked in to the odd fish ball.

“The prison used to buy all the old dead pigs and dead animals and stuff.”

The food sounds like the best part.

“If you do something wrong or say something wrong, they’ll come in and Tase you. I got Tasered in the mouth,” he said in the article, of his time spent in the Jail’s isolation cells.

Why was he in isolation? Fighting back when a guard punched him for wearing the wrong shoes, he said.

He also claims experimental drugs were tested on prisoners, needles were used multiple times in the ‘hospital’ and no one told him his mum had died of cancer four months before his release.

According to a report by human rights group the Dui Hua Foudation, Donggua is a specialised facility that holds all foreigners convicted by courts in China’s Guangdong province.

Cancian was sent up after, according to a judge, he used excessive force fighting back against five men who jumped him in a restaurant, and accidentally killed one of them.

Unsurprisingly, an article in China’s state-run People’s Daily had this to say about Donggua:

“After you enter Dongguan Prison, if you are not often shown where the place you are in by surrounding high walls and electrified nets, if it is not due to those prisoners in prison suits who often pass by, you will definitely regard the place as the campus of a university or as a garden-like residential area.”

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