5 times you can save money with senior discounts in your 50s

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When you blow out your birthday candles to enter a fifth decade of life, you’re also opening the door to many new discount opportunities.

Senior citizens, or in many cases, people at least 50 or older, can save a decent bundle of money annually on everything from haircuts to new tires. But it’s easy to miss out on opportunities if you haven’t researched them or asked about them in-store.

That’s why Steve Mitchener developed Sciddy – an app that notifies users when they’re near a store or restaurant that offers a senior discount.

“Sometimes people say to themselves, ‘Big deal, it’s a 10 per cent discount,'” Mitchener told The New York Times last year. But according to Mitchener, the discounts can add up.

The father of six and grandfather of seven said he first saw the power of senior discounts while looking for restaurants that offered free kids meals, according to the Times profile. Though he wasn’t considering retiring for a number of years, Mitchener realised at that time that he fell into the “over-50 and eligible for a discount” crowd.

And he’s obviously not alone. That’s why many grocery stores, clothing brands, and even craft stores offer discounts that can mean up to and beyond 20% off a purchase for eligible customers in their 50s.

Here are five ways you can earn a senior discount at specific stores if you’re 50 or older:

1. At craft stores

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Michaels, an art supply store, offers 10% off purchases for anyone 55 or older on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, fabric and craft store Joann, offers 20% off to those 55 or older, but only on the store’s “discount days.” The company announces discount days periodically on the fabric store’s website.

Both stores apply discounts when customers present a state-issued photo ID at checkout.

2. At clothing and department stores

David McNew/Getty ImagesRoss.

A number of clothing stores offer discounts to young “seniors.” The discount clothing store Ross, for instance, offers 10% off to shoppers 55 and older on Tuesdays, according to First Quarter Finance.

On the first Tuesday of each month, the department store Belk offers 15 to 20% off (depending on the item) to shoppers who are 55 or older, according to the store’s website. The company also offers the same discount to teachers and service members.

3. At thrift stores

Getty ImagesSalvation Army.

Salvation Army thrift stores can offer a substantial senior discount, but it ranges based on location. According to CBS, anyone 55 and over is eligible, and the store’s discounts can be anything from 15 to 50% off. Those interested can check with their specific location for details.

4. With your phone plan

Phone plans are often available at a discounted rate for older customers.

Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon offer discounted phone lines for buyers ages 55 and older. AT&T offers a similar plan but only for those ages 65 and older.

5. While grocery shopping

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Most grocery store senior discounts are available to the 60-and-over crowd. The grocery store Bi-Lo, for instance, offers 5% off to shoppers 60 and over that hold an SE Grocers Rewards card.

But the grocery store Bealls offers 15% off every Tuesday if you’re 50 or older, according to its website.

Stores like Kroger and Publix have been cutting their senior discounts over the last two years. But according to a list compiled by MedAlertHelp.org, other stores like Gristedes (10% off every Tuesday for people ages 60 and over) continue to offer them.

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