Free holiday shipping is the new normal this season as stores like Amazon and Target drop their order minimums


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  • Plenty of retailers are offering free shipping this holiday season, but only a few have removed the minimum order requirement.
  • This year, Amazon announced that even non-Prime members will get free shipping an any order set to be delivered before Christmas.
  • Other retailers offering free shipping with no minimum include Best Buy, Nordstrom, and Target.

Free shipping is one of the best perks an online store can offer. It always feels good to save a few extra bucks, and it decreases the pressure to fill your cart with unnecessary items to reach an order minimum. Many stores already offer free shipping all year long, but they tend to be startups with more specialised wares.

Just for the holidays, however, a few stores where you can shop for pretty much anything are relaxing their shipping policies and giving you free shipping on your order, regardless of the order total.For example, Amazon announced today that all shoppers can get free shipping on orders of any value (the minimum is usually $US25 to qualify) – a welcome piece of news for any non-Prime member.

It’s also a wake-up call to other major retailers to implement similar policies if they hope to attract holiday shoppers this season. We certainly won’t complain if more online stores join the following list and let us enjoy free shipping.

These are the stores offering free shipping for the holiday season:

1. Amazon

It’s usually only Prime members who enjoy free two-day shipping, but for a limited time, Amazon is opening up free shipping to all shoppers. As long as the item ordered will arrive before Christmas, it will ship for free (though the two-day guaranteed shipping perk is still reserved for Prime members specifically). The vast selection of hundreds of millions of products makes it easy to pick up a cheap stocking stuffer alongside a thoughtful gift for your in-laws.

2. Target

Target is taking away the $US35 shipping minimum now through December 22. To ensure your order arrives in two days and when you want it to, check out this order cut-off chart.

If you’re not sure where to start, we found more than 30 gift options from Target for you. If you’re just browsing, you’re sure to stumble across cool finds from online start-ups you’ve probably heard of or fun holiday pajama sets that also make great gifts.

3. Best Buy

Though there are some exceptions (special-order delivery items, some scheduled-delivery items), most products at Best Buy enjoy free shipping, now through December 25. The holiday deals are already starting, and you probably don’t need us to tell you twice that you’ll find some of the best tech gifts here.

4. Nordstrom

Nordstrom also offers free shipping during the pivotal holiday shopping season – actually, it does so the rest of the year, too, but we think it’s worth emphasising as you search for luxe gifts for your designer-inclined friend and limited-time collaborations you can’t find anywhere else. It won’t be as fast as Amazon or Target, which both have two-day policies for most items, but at least it’s still free.

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