Here are 11 stores where you should never pay full price

No need to wait for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or any other holiday weekend if you’re looking for serious discounts.

A number of retailers offer major price cuts on a regular basis on most, if not all, of their merchandise.

While these savings are usually amplified when you have the retailer’s credit card or are signed up for its loyalty program, you don’t need either to take advantage of great prices.

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We asked retail experts to recommend stores where there always seems to be a discount.

Read on for 11 stores where you should never pay full price.



“Macy’s almost always has a code or a deal on their main site and they almost always have extensive in-store discounts,” Corrine Stokoe, owner of deal blog Mint Arrow, told Business Insider.

On holidays, there are even more significant discounts available, she said, adding that the store “ran a sale every day last November.”



“Not many people know this, but everything goes on sale at Anthropologie eventually,” Stokoe said.

They also run additional storewide sales a few times a year.

“They just ended a 20% off Mother’s Day sale and they give shoppers another site-wide discount the weekend of Black Friday each year,” she said. “Plus, Anthropologie is known to offer a massive ‘tag sale’ twice a year where they deeply discount by offering an extra 40% off all sale items.”



J.Crew used to be notoriously stingy when it came to discounts, but that is far from the case today.

“For the last year or so, J.Crew has brought a strong sale game to their loyal fans,” Stokoe said. “A brand that once offered 40% only on Black Friday now seems to be popping up with sales like this left and right, and they’re often storewide with little to no exclusions. If you’re loving something at J.Crew, chances are you’ll be able to snag it on sale within a couple weeks.”



Nordstrom’s famous annual anniversary sale is “probably the largest department store deal in the nation,” Stokoe said.

“In fact, huge retailers like Amazon and Anthropologie have been known to strategically place their sales around or even before this big sale event to try to ride a bit off their sales wave,” she said.

This year’s sale is set to take place from July 19 to August 4.

In addition to the anniversary sale craze, Nordstrom offers clearance sales about once a quarter.

Gap and Old Navy


Gap Inc. recently spun off Old Navy into its own public company. But the company’s namesake store and Old Navy still have similar promotions, Trae Bodge, a shopping consultant, told Business Insider.

“There is always a sale to be found somewhere, whether it be through an email promotion, a coupon site, browser extensions, or in-store/on-site discounts.”

To make them even more appealing, Gap and Old Navy very often even do storewide discounts with little-to-no exclusions.

Large drugstore chains like CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid


“Similar to Gap and Old Navy, you can usually find discounts at drugstore chains,” Bodge said. “If you’re a regular customer, sign up to receive promotional emails and join their loyalty program for discounts on everything from vitamins to cosmetics.”

Bodge also noted that when you make a purchase, pay attention to your receipt, because it usually contains offers to take advantage of during your next shopping spree.

Bed Bath & Beyond


The 20% off coupon has become synonymous with Bed Bath & Beyond.

“If you can’t find the one you received in the mail, look at your favourite coupon site and you’ll probably be able to locate one,” Bodge said. “These coupons don’t apply to all purchases – especially more expensive items, like Dyson vacuums, for example – but you’d be foolish to shop at Bed Bath & Beyond without one of their coupons.”

If you’re not planning on spending a lot of money at the retailer, you can also often find coupons for $US5 off purchases of $US15 or more, which might give you a better value than the 20% off one.



Kohl’s already sells off-price merchandise, but their sales are plentiful, especially if you have the store card.

“If you’re a regular shopper and can pay off their store card every month, it would be worth getting a Kohl’s card, just to take advantage of the exclusive discounts that come with it,” Bodge said.


If you’re an Amazon shopper, you know that Amazon always has countless sales going on.

“Sign up for their promotional emails so you’re always in the loop on general sales as well as shorter-lived Deal of the Day and Lightning Deals, especially during the holidays,” Bodge said. “And download their browser extension, Amazon Assistant, which will pop up and alert you to comparable prices and sales at Amazon as you browse elsewhere online.”


“The majority of QVC’s merchandise goes on sale, though the sales have a sense of urgency, i.e. Today’s Special Value or Host Promos, that last only 24 hours,” Erin Sykes, a retail and sales strategist, told Business Insider.



“Bloomingdale’s is known for their Friends & Family discounts and presale sales, making it very unappealing to purchase anything at full price,” Sykes said.

If you’re eyeing a full-price item and it’s shortly before a storewide sale, sales associates will often put your item on hold for you so you can come back and buy it when it’s on sale. Note, however, that luxury designer brands like Gucci and Fendi are almost always excluded from storewide deals.