AMERICAN GUN STORE: Before And After Sandy Hook Massacre [PHOTOS]

In the days following the massacre of 27 adults and children at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, there have been many reports of skyrocketing gun sales.

This is said to be typical.

Whenever there is a highly publicized mass shooting, Americans apparently rush to gun stores.

The theory is that they do this for two reasons:

First, they want to buy guns to protect themselves from all the guns.

Second, they worry that the latest massacre might finally wake up America to the absurdity of its gun laws and lead to a clampdown in gun control.

Based on anecdotal reports, these rushes on gun stores can be quite profound. Earlier this week, for example, some Walmarts were said to be running out of guns.

(Walmart sells assault weapons but bans music with swear words — a policy that tells you a lot about America).

And the gun rush does not appear to be limited to Walmarts.

Nick Jacob of Seattle (@nicktjacob) recently tweeted the following photos, which Nathaniel Douglass pasted together.

They are of a gun store in Bellevue, Washington, called the West Coast Armory.

The first photo is of the store’s visible inventory on December 14th, the day of the Sandy Hook massacre.

The second photo is of the same shelves on December 20th, a week later.

The store posted the photos to its Facebook page.


West Coast Armory before Sandy Hook

[credit provider=”Nick Jacob” url=””]


West Coast Armory after Sandy Hook

[credit provider=”Nick Jacob” url=””]

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