Storage Company Box.Net: Hey AOL, We'll Take Those Pesky Customers Off Your Hands

AOL is “sunsetting” (read: shutting down or selling off) a few underperforming units, including online storage service Xdrive. But while Xdrive may not have been a profitable business for AOL, it’s still a business, and all those users uploading backups to the cloud are worth something to someone. Enter Xdrive rival, which last week debuted a Xdrive to interface for AOL’s abandoned customers to switch services. That’s a smart move on Box’s part, and we expect to see more small, opportunistic companies looking to profit from the AOL shakeup in the weeks ahead.

So why does Box think it can profit where AOL lost money? Here’s one reason: the old Xdrive offered users 5GB of free storage. Box charges about $8 a month for the same amount of space.

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