Stop Worrying: Apple Couldn’t Track Your iPhone Even If They Wanted To

iphone tracker app

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Yes, it’s annoying that your iPhone has been quietly tracking your location without even asking you to opt-in.But all those privacy concerns, including the one Senator Al Franken sent to Apple, are a bit exaggerated.

Peter Batty, a geospatial technology expert who works at Ubisense, wrote on his blog that the iPhone doesn’t store your exact location, just an approximate one based on nearby cell towers and wifi hotspots.

He also points out that the iPhone only records the last time you visited a general area, not how many times you return.

Anyone who has used this nifty app to map where their iPhone has been can see it’s not exact. That means all those concerns about people (or Apple) using your phone to find out where you’ve been can stop worrying. The best anyone is going to be able to do is find out the city you live in and your closest cell tower.

If that’s still not good enough for you, read our post about how to encrypt your iPhone backups or block your location from being recorded with this app for jailbroken phones.

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