Stop The Presses: Daily News Trying TimeSelect Model?

We understand why the New York Times tried out TimesSelect, its attempt to get people to pay for portions of the paper online: When the paper was first mulling the idea, the notion of completely ad-supported content wasn’t yet a foregone conclusion, and they wanted to experiment.

Of course, the NYT ultimately (and belatedly) concluded that the experiment had failed, and pulled the plug. So who forgot to tell the Daily News? Portfolio reports that the NY tabloid may be mulling it’s own version of the same thing:

Daily News gossip writer George Rush suggested as much in an interview on Judith Regan’s Sirius satellite radio show today.

Regan was grilling Rush about how the News makes money from its online audience when Rush hinted the paper might adopt a model akin to TimesSelect, the premium-content service the Times used to monetise its opinion columns and other offerings.

“I think they’re trying to work towards a New York Times arrangement where you have to pay a little extra to get the whole package,” Rush said. “You get some of it free and you have to pay extra to get the rest.”

Seriously? It is possible that George isn’t the Daily News employee best briefed on its online strategy, so we’ll withhold judgment until we hear more. Can anyone enlighten us?

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