Inside the 'Be Marlboro' parties Philip Morris throws for teenagers -- but doesn't want you to know about

Smoking is deadly, but Philip Morris International and Marlboro still want to push its tobacco products onto trendy and attractive teenagers around the world.

The company does so by throwing “Be Marlboro” parties in over 60 countries to promote the brand using sex, fun, and risk-taking, a spokesperson for the non-profit Tobacco-Free Kids.

The parties are not held in the United States.

You can sign a petition to stop Marlboro, and these parties, here.

Smoking is bad for you. This is not news. But tobacco companies like Philip Morris International and its brands like Marlboro still have to find ways to sell to younger markets, especially outside the US where advertising and smoking laws are less stringent.

The answer? 'Be Marlboro' parties held in over 60 countries, and marketed specifically to teenagers.

'Be Marlboro' parties are elaborate events aimed at enticing youth to smoke Marlboro cigarettes.

The parties are filled with beautiful young people, a non-profit called 'Tobacco Free Kids' says. TFK also points out that there is no mention of 'Be Marlboro' parties on Philip Morris' website.

Marlboro-branded signs that say 'I Will Be Famous,' and 'Don't Be A Maybe' are everywhere.

The parties are held at trendy night clubs, on beautiful beaches, and at outdoor concert venues.

'They feature attractive dancers in Marlboro gear, DJs, beer pong and a huge array of activities with the same message: Be a Marlboro smoker,' Tobacco-Free Kids explains.

Marlboro holds parties in over 60 countries, though not in the United States.

Promo videos of 'Be Marlboro' parties promise free drinks and free cigarettes for attendees.

But Philip Morris International doesn't want you to see the videos. Tobacco-Free Kids points out that a lot of the videos had been taken down in the recent weeks.

But screengrabs taken prior to those deleted videos show that PMI and Marlboro were eager to put its name and brand on anything it could.

In video footage from a 'Be Marlboro' party in Indonesia, a Philip Morris executive tells viewers 'the party is an event that delivers the Marlboro message. We're inviting people who want to boost their confidence and giving them ways to do it.'

But that party video was removed from Vimeo as well.

Some signs from the parties.

This one says 'I WILL PARTY ALL NIGHT' with the Marlboro logo.

Smoking in selfies is encouraged, of course.

PMI is eager to get young kids believing Marlboro = Fun.

At an explicit party in Moldova, Tobacco-Free Kids tells Business Insider the party featured a topless female dancer. is fighting back these parties with facts. 250 million kids and teens alive today will die from tobacco-related disease.

Philip Morris International spent $7 billion in 2014 alone on marketing and advertising.

PMI and Marlboro knows sex and partying are big sells to teens, and it's taking advantage of that.

Encouraging risk-taking also sells.

Tobacco-Free Kids and the Stop Marlboro campaign created a map that shows where you can find 'Be Marlboro' advertising.

Here's that map.

Marlboro continues to claim it does not 'market to teens.'

Tobacco-Free Kids and Stop Marlboro encourage you to be the judge of that.

The 'Stop Marlboro' petition has 60,000 signatures on it so far, urging the tobacco company to end the 'Be Marlboro' campaign.

'Philip Morris continues to expand the campaign, threatening the health of millions of young people across the world,' the petition reads.

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