Stop Being Blindsided: Get The Daily Precap!

Don’t you just hate it when some stock suddenly plummets because some bastard at some conference or on some network said something someone else saw and started shoveling shares over the side?

We sure do.

That’s why we started The Daily Precap.

It’s a simple email we send you every morning alerting you to the day’s important events:

  • Earnings reports
  • Macro-economic data releases, Fed speeches, etc.
  • iBank and industry conferences (schedules, times, links)
  • Radio and TV guests (Bloomberg, CNBC, FOX)
  • And more…

With The Daily Precap, you’ll know what’s happening before it happens…and before your annoying hedge-fund buddy beats you to the SELL button.  It’s designed for reading on your mobile device on your way to work, with few annoying links and graphics.

The Daily Precap. It’s simple. It’s convenient. It’s free. All we need is your email address (though we’d love your name and state, too, if you’re willing to share it).  Sign up below!


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More about the Daily Precap here >

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