Stone Changed Wall Street 2 After Critics Told Him A Few Financial Details Were Wrong

wall street 2

Oliver Stone told Total Film that he changed some of Wall Street 2 after showing it at Cannes because he wanted to make it more financially accurate.

During the reviews of the film that he heard after it was shown at the annual Cannes film festival, Stone learned that financially, a few facts in the film didn’t make sense.

“There were some financial issues I wanted to clear up. But the intent is the same and the storyline is essentially the same.”

We have the script, so if we can’t get in touch with him, we’ll know once the movie comes out what was changed.

But we can already think of one change that he’s definitely made to the film. Instead of Fox News, which was the news program used throughout the script, Wall Street 2 will show and refer to CNBC.

“It’s just tweaks,” he told Total Film. “I had to work hard to get it ready for Cannes, so I’ve just changed some stuff in the third act to make it a bit more realistic.”

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