Criminals Have So Much Freedom In Cairo They Stole This Bridge Over A Major Street

It’s one thing to talk about Cairo police and their inability to ensure order. But learning how a group of criminals leisurely stole a major bridge from over a bustling city street, during a three-and-a-half hour escapade, is something else entirely.

The following pictures of the former Al Goria pedestrian bridge are in Hussein, Caro and taken from a major road connecting the airport and other parts of the city. My translator explained the thieves stole the bridge sometime throughout the night six months ago and he heard it took them nearly four hours to remove it. They were after costly copper in the railings and infrastructure.

The theft was confirmed by my hotel desk clerk who said thieves steal whatever they want, no police to call, and if anyone says anything the thieves gang will shoot them. A group stole some ornate copper railing from the stairway in the hotel a few months ago, he said, and there was nothing he could do.

The chaos is so extreme many here believe it must be supported by their new government.

It’s true the new government seems to be one of the few groups benefiting from the revolution. The government and the police, who have seen their salaries nearly double.

Robert Johnson/Business Insider

Stolen Bridge Cairo 2013 4
Stolen Bridge Cairo 2013 3
Stolen Bridge Cairo 2013 2

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