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A Wall Street expert who recently fled the stock market says these 3 signals need to flash before he gets back in

Vincent Deluard, a macro strategist at INTL FCStone, made a very prescient call when he forecast the most recent equity sell-off right before it happened.

While his foresight was rewarded, Deluard now faces the difficult task of figuring out when to reenter the stock market – and outlines three signals that need to flash before he considers it.

Goldman Sachs is creating a new consumer finance division – and it’s part of a goal to take on wealth management giants

Goldman Sachs has big ambitions for its small-but-growing consumer finance business, Marcus.

It’s a key part of CEO David Solomon’s plans to boost revenue at the bank, and one that could become a $US1 billion revenue opportunity in the next few years.

To supercharge Marcus’ growth, Goldman said on Monday that it’s creating a new unit to house both its digital finance business and its investment management division. The goal is the next step in Goldman’s plan to take the Marcus platform from its consumer banking roots to a more full-service wealth offering.

A $US100 million trade shows how Credit Suisse is competing in a cutthroat race to snag the biggest stock trades

In a cutthroat race to snag the biggest stock trades, Wall Street banks have been taking on more risk to compete. Credit Suisse had chosen to stay on the sidelines of one increasingly popular trading strategy – until now.

The Swiss bank in the past 12 months has introduced a so-called central risk book, a desk in which technology pools risk across dozens of traders so it can be better managed. The new CRB, rolled out this year in Europe after debuting last year in the US, is another sign the Swiss bank has growing ambitions and is increasing the amount of risk it’s taking in equities trading.

One notable trade on the European risk book this year was above $US100 million, a person familiar with the trade said. While a $US100 million trade is a large amount for a single transaction at any bank, at Credit Suisse it was especially so.

HSBC is making a $US130 million investment in its bank branches and the latest step is to arm its bankers with Samsung watches

HSBC has begun what it’s calling a first-of-its kind program to bring wearable technology into its bank branches.

The firm is piloting a program where branch bankers wear a watch allowing them to send and receive messages, or speak to colleagues using small microphones.

The pilot is a partnership with Samsung at HSBC’s flagship Fifth Avenue branch in New York City in which HSBC bankers will wear Samsung Gear S3 watches with customised software.

The idea of the program is that it will allow employees at the branch – which has three floors and lots of rooms – to be more productive by improving communication, according to Jeremy Balkin, head of innovation for HSBC’s US unit. Due to the size of the branch, its often hard to know where employees are at any given time and difficult to find them if one of their customers shows up for a meeting, or the front desk needs covering, he said.

Business Insider visited HSBC’s branch last week to check out the new wearable technology.

Aurora Cannabis is plunging ahead of its debut on the New York Stock Exchange

Aurora Cannabis was plunging Monday, down more than 10%, one day ahead of the company’s trading debut on the New York Stock Exchange.

The Canadian producer, which grows cannabis for both the adult-use and medicinal market, has seen its market capitalisation explode by more than 150% since August – to nearly $US10 billion – as both corporate giants and investors have gotten in on the “green rush” into marijuana.

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