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A war has broken out for control of the top consumer watchdog agency.

The ongoing brouhaha over who is the rightful interim leader of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau spilled over into Monday morning, as the two people separately tasked with leading the independent agency sent dueling emails asserting their authority.

Leandra English, whom the outgoing bureau chief named acting director, filed a lawsuit on Sunday to assert her authority. Meanwhile, Mick Mulvaney, the White House budget director whom President Donald Trump wants to lead the bureau, told CFPB staffers to ignore any directives from English. On Monday, Mulvaney showed up to the CFPB with doughnuts for his prospective new employees.

As the battle for the role plays out, chaos at the CFPB could be devastating for consumers, writes Pedro da Costa.

Holiday retailers are surging as online spending for Black Friday and Cyber Monday hits a record. That’s not the only record set by the annual shopping bonanza: Gun background checks in America set a new record on Black Friday.

Despite all that, Black Friday is dead – long live Black November.

In other news:

Lastly, here’s how flying first class across the US on American Airlines stacks up against coach.

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