Here’s what’s been happening on Wall Street overnight

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TeslaCEO Elon Musk conducted a deeply strange earnings conference call with analysts after the company reported Q1 earnings.

At one point, Musk cut off an analyst and turned the call over to a YouTuber. And he labelled questions about Tesla’s business issues “boring” and dry.”

In other words, Elon Musk has completely stopped hiding his contempt for Wall Street – and he’s paying the price.

Back in finance news, there’s a new pay czar approving how much Goldman Sachs’ top brass gets paid. Guggenheim has lured a senior healthcare banker away from Bank of America Merrill Lynch. And a top hedge fund recruiter says graduates should think twice about going into the industry.

In crypto news, bitcoin popped after a report that Goldman Sachs will start trading products linked to crypto. And Coinbase has made a key hire for a product aimed at luring Wall Street into the crypto market.

In markets news:

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