Here’s what’s been happening on Wall Street overnight

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As the equity bull market forges ahead into its ninth year, all types of investors have been busy trying to figure out when it will all come crashing down.

But if Morgan Stanley is to be believed, the demise of the second-longest bull run in history may be underway. The firm argues a bear market in stock valuations has already begun.

Elsewhere in markets news, Goldman Sachs is doubling down on its bullish bet on commodities.

In finance news, there’s been a big shakeup at Morgan Stanley, and it shows the bank is getting more serious about technology. And the director of a leading management think tank dismissed blockchain technology as a distracting fad without much to offer financial services.

There’s lots of Facebook news:

Elsewhere in tech news, Apple is rising ahead of its earnings report. And JPMorgan has identified the perfect trade for Apple earnings.

And revenue for Netflix and other streaming services will skyrocket as TV stagnates, according to new projections.

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