What you need to know on Wall Street today

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Senate Republican leadership released the updated version of its healthcare bill on Thursday, but continued pushback from its own conference likely puts the legislation in the same perilous position as previous iterations. Here’s what you need to know:

In markets news, the equity chief at $US5.4 trillion investment juggernaut BlackRock thinks you should shrug off one of the market’s biggest fears. The giant fund manager also has a plan to become “ubiquitous in every securities market.” And a “new phenomenon” is helping propel stocks to record highs.

Janet Yellen went to Congress and got grilled about the Fed’s leaks and secret speeches. And the Trump administration branded its economic plan “MAGAnomics.”

In Wall Street news, Goldman Sachs is changing its dress code to appeal to engineers used to a casual startup environment. Investors have reportedly yanked $US400 million from David Einhorn’s hedge fund.

Qatar Airways is going through with its plans to buy a stake in American Airlines. Delta’s profit tumbled.

Britain’s financial regulator is paving the way to bring Saudi Aramco’s IPO — the biggest in history — to London. US shale firms are teaming up with Wall Street to frustrate OPEC. And Big Tobacco has been waging a secret campaign to undermine a global anti-smoking pact.

In tech:

Lastly, a massive blackout hit New York City 40 years ago today — here’s what it looked like.