Here’s what’s been happening on Wall Street overnight

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President Donald Trump has arrived in Davos, and despite embodying the antithesis of the conference’s usual celebration of globalism, he’s the most fawned-over Davos attendee since Angelina Jolie.

He’s wasted little time making a splash. Trump on Friday took his “America First” speech to the crowd of global elites, where he proclaimed a newly reinvigorated US while taking veiled shots at China.

“Now is the perfect time to bring your business, your jobs, and your investments to the US,” Trump said.

Here’s what else Trump has been up to since arriving in the Alps:

Trump is causing a stir, but so is that letter that BlackRock CEO Larry Fink sent to corporate execs earlier this month stressing the need for a clear long-term strategy and an understanding of the societal impact of their business. Everyone at the summit is talking about it, and the opinions fall into three camps: the “Larry’s right” group, the “Yes, but…” group, and the “Pissed off” group. Read more about the reaction to Fink’s letter in Davos.

Here’s what’s happening in the markets:

In crypto news:

Intel plans to release chips that have built-in Meltdown and Spectre protections later this year. Dell is reportedly considering IPO and other strategic options. Tesla Model 3s are showing up in stores nationwide as the company fires back at new reports of production issues. Drastic moves by MoviePass make one analyst believe it’s ‘skating on thin ice.’

Lastly, KFC just revealed Reba McEntire will be its first female Colonel Sanders.

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