Here’s what’s been happening on Wall Street overnight

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Congress on Friday began careening toward a partial shutdown of the federal government, as a funding bill appears stalled in the Senate with the two parties divided on key issues.

If no bill passes by midnight, the federal government will enter a partial shutdown affecting nonessential services, which would close national parks and cause services like the issuance of replacement Social Security cards to be halted. The White House says chances of a shutdown have ‘ratcheted up’ and is telling government agencies to get ready.

Here’s a primer on what will happen if the government does shut down tonight.

In finance, meet the unconventional portfolio manager who crushed Wall Street last year while barely watching the market. A top recruiter tells Business Insider what it takes to get a senior-level private equity job these days.

Subway is on the ropes. Battles at HQ are killing the world’s largest fast-food chain – and many franchisees are turning against the CEO.

Tax-avoidance schemes are being offered up to the wealthy like vacation packages.

Here’s what else is going on in the world of finance:

In crypto news, the SEC has finally outlined the reasons for its reluctance to list cryptocurrency ETFs. A US cybersecurity firm has accused North Korea of hacking South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges. And traders in South Korea took the bitcoin ‘bloodbath’ to a whole new level by shattering monitors, throwing laptops, and more.

And lastly, take an inside look at a day in the life of an equity sales leader at UBS in Sydney.

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