Here’s what’s been happening on Wall Street overnight

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Friday’s turmoil in the US markets continued on Monday, translating into a global stock sell-off.

Amid fears over rising inflation across the world, the majority of European indices fell more than 1% from their closing price on Friday on Monday morning and remained substantially lower as the day progressed.

US indices similarly got whacked to start trading Monday, with the Dow opening lower by about 250 points. Stocks mounted a modest rally before rolling over again.

Stocks have long been rallying on hopes of a stronger economy, firmer inflation, and better wage growth. Part of that optimism was driven by the prospect of new tax cut legislation as well.

But now that the data are finally turning in a positive direction, and that the Republican tax proposal has become law, traders are suddenly freaking out at the prospect of a tight labour market and higher interest rates that tend to accompany firmer growth. It’s a reminder to Wall Street to be careful what you wish for, writes Pedro da Costa.

For much of the stock market‘s blistering bull market run, investors have stayed remarkably calm, with measures of fear locked near historical lows. But traders have been snapped out of complacency, and the escalating situation appears to have their attention to a degree not seen in 14 months.

Here’s the rest of your Monday markets coverage:

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A business that many on Wall Street left for dead is starting to jolt back to life.

Bristol-Myers Squibb just claimed ‘a breakthrough in cancer research’ – but there’s a catch. Google and Uber are at war over self-driving cars – and a big trial that could reshape Silicon Valley starts today.

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