Here’s what’s been happening on Wall Street overnight

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Business Insider sat down with Jamie Dimon for a wide-ranging interview. The contrarian CEO of JPMorgan said he isn’t losing sleep over the stock market’s biggest fear: faster wage growth stoking inflation.

He told us that while higher-than-expected wage growth and central-bank tightening were legitimate concerns, job growth was more important.

“If you had inflation and growth declining, then you should be much more worried,” he said. “But it’s not about the stock market. It’s about the people and their jobs.”

Check out the full interview.

Meanwhile, that stock-market boogeyman reared its ugly head again Wednesday. Just when it looked like the US stock market was picking itself up off the mat after suffering a sharp correction, it got the worst possible news: Inflation rose more than expected in January. Major indexes wasted no time in reversing pre-market gains as futures contracts dropped more than 1% following the data release.

Here’s what’s going on in the markets:

A new lawsuit casts doubt on what billionaire Steve Cohen’s deputies have been saying for years. A female employee at Point72 Asset Management, Cohen’s investment firm, on Monday filed a lawsuit claiming widespread discrimination against women.

The world is minting millionaires quicker than Goldman Sachs can keep up with them – and the bank is making a fortune off of them. The investment bank says it was ‘freaked out’ by a rumour that Trump would personally kill the Amazon/Whole Foods deal because of Jeff Bezos.

The tech sector has $US2 trillion in firepower to do deals – and now’s the time to strike. Barclays says Oracle just needs one “last missing piece” in its cloud business – but it’s a big one. Here’s how a startup with no VC funding landed $US140 million in Chinese deals and partnered with Tencent.

There’s something about Trump’s infrastructure plan that’s eerily reminiscent of his real estate deals, according to Pedro da Costa.

The search for new Alzheimer’s treatments just faced another setback – here’s where researchers are looking now.

Snapchat may be winning back digital influencers with help from recent screw ups by YouTube and Instagram. Tim Cook explains why you’re never going to visit the inside of Apple’s new $US5 billion headquarters.

Lastly, these 50 romantic photos show why everyone misses Barack and Michelle Obama.

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