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Whole Foods’ new order-to-shelf (OTS) inventory-management system is aimed at making stores more efficient and cutting down on food waste. But employees say the retailer’s method of ensuring compliance is crushing morale.

The grocer enforces compliance with OTS by instructing managers to regularly walk through store aisles and storage rooms with checklists called “scorecards” to make sure every item is in its right place, according to nearly 80 pages of internal company documents reviewed by Business Insider.

“The stress has created such a tense working environment,” a supervisor at a West Coast Whole Foods store said. “Seeing someone cry at work is becoming normal.” Read the full story.

The new year isn’t off to a great start at billionaire investor David Einhorn’s Greenlight Capital, either, continuing a recent rough patch for the hedge fund. The Greenlight Capital (Gold), L.P. – Dollar fund fell 6% in January, according to a client update from Wednesday seen by Business Insider.

A veteran of the sales and trading world has joined upstart IEX at a critical junction in the young stock exchange’s life – right as its going after the marquee business of NYSE and Nasdaq.

Here’s the latest in markets news:

Tech earnings season rolls on with three of the biggest companies on the planet reportingThursday: Alphabet, Amazon, and Apple.

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is expected to report a monster quarter that was nonetheless tainted by YouTube’s nasty year.

Millennials are loading up on Amazon ahead of earnings. The company is shockingly more expensive than Walmart – here’s how their prices compare for 50 popular products. Cities that lure Amazon with incentives may be getting a ‘bad bargain,’ a new study says.

Millennials also like Apple ahead of earnings. The company’s investors made a big bet on a rare and powerful event that’s about to pay off or fizzle in the sky.

Facebook is climbing after crushing earnings yesterday and saying a fundamental change could be coming to its platform. Microsoft shares are sliding after earnings failed to impress Wall Street.

Bitcoin briefly dropped below $US9,000 on Thursday. The cryptocurrency has lost more than $US72 billion in value since the beginning of 2018. Here’s what else is going on in crypto-land:

Lastly, Taco Bell is taking aim at its fast-food competition with $US1 fries – here’s how they stack up against the other major chains.

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