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Former national security adviser Michael Flynn is pleading guilty to lying to the FBI, and the plea deal indicates that he may be ready to flip on President Donald Trump.

The latest development in the Russia investigation has roiled the markets – stocks took a dive on the report, and the Russian ruble is getting smoked. Treasurys are surging and gold is spiking.

Rick Rieder, BlackRock’s $US1.7 trillion bond chief, thinks sleeping is a waste of time, so he wakes up at 3:30 every workday and gets right down to business. “Every day is truly insane,” he tells Business Insider. Read more about his hellacious schedule and remarkable work ethic.

Deutsche Bank’s brand new head of emerging market fixed income sales in Europe is already out after only three months on the job. Nasdaq appears to be taking a step back in its foray into the world of big data, filing to withdraw four data products.

Republicans leaders say they ‘have the votes’ to pass their massive tax bill, but a brutal new analysis shows the GOP tax bill would do little for US economic growth. Stocks could surge 25% if it passes, according to UBS.

Here’s what else is going on in the markets:

Lastly, here’s what’s it’s like to party at Brooklyn’s wildest club – with all-night dance parties, gravity-defying performances, and crazy costumes.

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