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The market is about to be redefined by one huge shift – and buying these 14 stocks could help you make a killing

The US dollar surprised everyone this year.

Most of Wall Street expected it to be weaker versus its global counterparts, but it has instead surged 7.4% since January, according to the Federal Reserve‘s trade-weighted measure.

A big part of that is the Fed’s monetary tightening, which comes at a time when other global central banks are still employing far looser policies. And any chances for a reversal have been thwarted in recent months amid mounting trade tensions.

A strong dollar is problematic for multinational companies that rely heavily on exports. But by that same token, there’s great value in knowing which companies fall into that category, in the event of a dollar reversal. If and when the greenback heads lower, the stocks of those firms could get a big boost.

That’s where Goldman Sachs comes in. They maintain an index of companies who get a large percentage of their sales internationally.

The Winklevoss twins are teaming up with exchange rivals to take a page out of the stock market’s playbook

Several crypto exchanges are teaming up to form a task force that could bring the crypto markets to the next level.

The Winklevoss brothers’ Gemini and three other exchanges on Monday announced the creation of the Virtual Commodity Association Working Group, which could be a precursor to the formation of a self-regulatory organisation for digital commodities like bitcoin and Ethereum.

The hope, market observers say, is that it could bring to fruition new industry standards for crypto and make large investors more comfortable with the nascent market.

The marijuana industry is gripped by a deal frenzy

The cannabis sector is booming.

Major Canadian marijuana cultivators, known as licensed producers, have pursued a flurry of deals as excitement around Canada’s legal marijuana market ramps up.

Earlier this week, Constellation Brands, the beer-and-liquor giant behind Corona, poured close to $US4 billion into Canopy Growth, the largest publicly traded licensed producer. In May, Aurora – another of Canada’s large so-called LPs – bought a smaller rival, Medreleaf, in a $US2.3 billion stock deal, just days after the company closed a $US1 billion cash-and-stock acquisition of CanniMed Therapeutics. That’s amid a wave of smaller mergers and acquisitions in the sector.

Though investors are excited about the prospects of cannabis legalization, the accounting giant PwC is flashing warning signs, saying the “deal mania” in the cannabis sector will create some winners – but many more losers.

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