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Last week, Donald Trump tweeted that the post office loses $US1.50 for every package it delivers for Amazon. Then he said it was $US1.47.

Where did he get these figures? He didn’t make them up. He’s relying on an equity research report from Citigroup, which doesn’t quite say what the president says, but it says something pretty close.

The Citi note, from last April, proposes that the post office might need to raise the average price per piece for all of its “competitive products” by $US1.46 – that is, not just deliveries for Amazon, and not just parcels, but also priority and express mail.

But the bank made a key maths error in coming up with the figure the president has seized on. In other words, one of the central arguments in Trump’s attacks on Amazon is all wrong – and it’s Citigroup’s fault.

In markets news:

In deal news, Novartis just handed out a $US8.7 billion endorsement for new therapies that are changing how we treat genetic diseases. And it’s not just the IPO market that’s booming – here’s why this Silicon Valley VC says 2018 will also be the year of M&A.

Lastly, in tech news:

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