Here’s what’s been happening on Wall Street overnight

BRYAN R. SMITH/AFP/Getty ImagesTraders work on the floor during the Spotify IPO at the Dow Industrial Average at the New York Stock Exchange on April 3, 2018 in New York.

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It’s evident when JPMorgan CFO Marianne Lake talks about the bank’s opportunity to “delight” customers. Or when co-president Gordon Smith sends a memo to staff highlighting the bank’s “customer obsession.” CEO Jamie Dimon has even specifically referenced Amazon Prime.

That’s right. It’s clear that JPMorgan’s taking inspiration from Amazon.

“Jeff Bezos has always looked at his company as being very customer-obsessed,” Lori Beer, chief information officer at JPMorgan Chase, told Business Insider. “We’re thinking of JPMorgan Chase in the same light.”

Business Insider recently sat down with Beer, who oversees an annual tech spend of $US10.8 billion and 50,000 technologists. You can read our full interview with Beer here.

Elsewhere in finance news, the CEO of $US67 billion UK bank Lloyds is watching four industry drivers to avoid ending up like “Blockbuster or Kodak.”

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