Here’s what’s been happening on Wall Street overnight

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US stocks tumbled Monday as President Donald Trump doubled down on his criticism of Amazon, sending technology and consumer discretionary stocks lower.

The selling also comes ahead of the Trump administration’s plan to unveil this week the list of Chinese imports targeted for US tariffs. The list of $US50-60 billion worth of annual imports is expected to target “largely high-technology” products.

The more tech-heavy Nasdaq 100– which has been a lightning rod for market volatility in recent weeks – plummeted as much as 3.3% to lead all major US indexes. Meanwhile, the benchmark S&P 500 dropped as much as 2%, and the 30-company Dow Jones industrial average slid more than 2.1% at one point.

Let’s get to it:

In other news, active investors look well prepared to fight off the effects of a trade war, with large-cap active funds less exposed to China-specific trade war risk than the benchmark S&P 500 across multiple categories, according to data compiled by Bank of America Merrill Lynch.And the rocky stock market is about to be rescued by a surprising saviour, according to Morgan Stanley.

In finance news, a Chase Sapphire experiment is getting revived and expanded after the trial run blew away expectations with millennials last year.

And in deal news:

Lastly, I ran ‘The Toughest Footrace on Earth,’ which covers 160 miles through the Sahara desert in 6 days – and it was absolutely brutal.

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