Here’s what’s been happening on Wall Street overnight

Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Photo: Spencer Platt/ Getty.

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That’s the word of the day at Goldman Sachs, which announced first-quarter earnings Tuesday morning, smashing analyst expectations. On an earnings call after the results, CFO Marty Chavez said “diversify” or “diversification” 16 times. Here’s our story on why that matters.

In related news, Goldman Sachs’ hot new business is lending to subprime consumers, and Wall Street’s starting to ask questions.

Elsewhere in finance news, we talked to JPMorgan’s chief information officer about how she decides which startups to partner with, which to invest in, and which to outright buy. And a former Goldman Sachs exec explained why she made the leap to blockchain.

In markets news:

The deadline to submit your tax return – or file an extension with the IRS– is today. Here’s the latest:

In related news, one of Trump’s biggest accomplishmentscould make the next recession worse.

Lastly, in tech news:

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