Stock Market Collapse: Time For Donald Trump To Run (Again) For President

Donald Trump

During The Situation Room on CNN earlier today, Wolf Blitzer spoke via phone with guest Donald Trump. He weighed in on the S&P credit downgrade and ensuing stock market turmoil, and mentioned at one point that things are so bad he might have to reconsider and get back into the presidential race.

Oh, he absolutely should. Consider:

1. Donald Trump is the only “Republican” candidate that college-educated young voters like myself would ever vote for. I don’t agree with him on everything, but I’d still give him my vote. I can’t say the same for Gov. Rick Perry, whose solution to our nation’s growing economic and military problems is to hold a “prayer-in” at a stadium in Houston. Really? That’s not exactly the reassuring, rational leadership that foreign investors want to see.

2. Donald Trump would stick it — and hard — to China’s brash leadership. He would have fired back at their smug comments regarding the US credit downgrade. He also would negotiate with the Chinese, rather than doing absolutely anything they say. It takes two to tango, and if the US threatens to stop buying Chinese products, their economy will take a major hit — a hit significant enough to boost their unemployment, create social unrest, and risk the Party’s rule. (So yes, we can negotiate with China.)

3. We need a f***ing silverback gorilla at the helm of the USS America. These are dangerous and dire times. During President Obama’s speech today, I thought, “OK, this is a pretty good introduction and summary of the events leading up to today — so when does his speech start? Where’s the rallying cry? Where’s the plan for what happens next?”

Donald Trump is powerful, passionate, and will go into an expletive-laced tirade if you get him started on OPEC and their artificially manipulated oil prices (which, more often than not, harm US consumers at the gas pump). 

We need a fighter. And if the Republicans are going to put someone in the White House in 2012, which seems likely given the Democrats absolutely spineless leadership lately, I would much rather it be Trump — a self-made billionaire and an image management genius — than some mentally deficient, backwater Tea Party lightweight without the business experience or negotiating ability to actually get the job done. 

I don’t care what skeletons may be in Donald Trump’s closet. I’m sure he has had to make some difficult decisions in his rise to real estate, TV, and casino mogul. You don’t succeed in those three industries by being a Tibetan monk. Even if he literally drinks human blood in his boardroom, I don’t care. He was probably thirsty.

I’d like to see him run. I’d even help him with his campaign, if he were to ask. (That would mean ending my lucrative lifestyle as a blogger/online personality, but I’d be willing to make the sacrifice! Nation first, traffic second.)

What do you think, though? Feel free to sound off in the comments, or hit me up on my Google+ profile.