Instagram And Foursquare Photos From Stock Exchanges Around The World

BM&F Bovespa

Photo: Instagram user febenedetti

If you watch CNBC or Bloomberg TV then you probably have a pretty good idea of what the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq look like.  Or, maybe you were lucky enough to check them out in person at some point. Anyway, chances are that you might not be as familiar with the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in South Africa or Tokyo Stock Exchange in Japan. 

Fortunately, there are Foursquare and Instagram users all over the world who have snapped pictures of these exchanges from London to Mumbai and Frankfurt to Shanghai. 

Now we’re going to take a photo tour of exchanges around the world. 

This is the facade of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The TSE is the third largest stock exchange by market cap.

Here's a shot of the trading floor room inside the TSE. The trading floor closed in 1999 and now trades are done through computers.

A Foursquare user captured what appears to be a break room at the TSE. Check out those vending machines.

This is the facade of the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Now let's head over to London...

Here's the lobby of the London Stock Exchange.

Here's another awesome shot taken at the LSE.

The BM&F Bovespa, which is in Brazil, is short for Bolsa de Valores, Mercadorias & Futuros de São Paulo.

This Instagram user at the BM&F Bovespa took a picture during the London Olympics. You can a track event on the screen.

We loved this shot of a trade panel at the BM&F Bovespa captured by an Instagram user.

This was taken at the Australian Securities Exchange. It appears to be a map of the world's exchanges.

Here's a cool Instagram shot of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange building.

And someone posing at the entrance.

Here's the Deutsche Börse in Frankfurt. Now let's hop over to Spain.

Here's the gorgeous Bolsa de Madrid (Madrid Stock Exchange). It's owned by Bolsas y Mercados Españoles.

The inside of the Bolsa de Madrid is breathtaking.

Here's a close up of the floor in the Bolsa de Madrid.

This is the facade of the former Toronto Stock Exchange building. It's now inhabited by the Design Exchange--a non-profit design museum.

This is the SIX Swiss Exchange based in Zurich.

And here's the Bombay Stock Exchange located in Mumbai.

Want to see more Instagram and Foursquare Wall Street pictures?

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