This $US4,000 Standing Desk Is The IPhone Of Standing Desks

If you’re sitting at work, you’re committing a form of long-term suicide.

You should be standing. But, it’s hard to find a really good standing desk.

I stand at work, and my standing desk is made of a bunch of cubes stacked on top of a normal desk.

This works when I’m standing, but when I need to take the occasional break on a stool, my legs can’t tuck under the desk and it’s awkward.

I’d like a nice, real standing desk but they’re surprisingly hard to find.

Or, when I do find one, the price tends to be a little scary.

The Stir Kinetic desk fits in the latter category. The price is scary at $US3,890, but it looks fantastic.

It’s built by someone that worked on the original iPods, according to Engadget.

The desk has its own software and the idea is that it will learn when you stand and when you sit, and it will keep you standing for more of the day, if you want. It might also integrate with health gadgets down the road.

The top of the desk is made in Brooklyn, and it’s assembled in Nashville, then shipped to the customer. It looks great, and if I was a highly recruited engineer working at a tech company flush with cash, I’d waste some negotiating leverage trying to get one of these for myself.

Or, if I worked from home all the time, and really felt like indulging myself, I might go with this guy.

As it is, I’ll stick with my cubes which work well-enough.

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