The IPhone Of Standing Desks Just Scored $US1.5 Million From Tony Hsieh's Vegas TechFund And Others

Stir deskStirThe Stir Kinetic Desk.

Stir, dubbed the iPhone of standing desks, just raised a $US1.5 million seed round for its height-adjustable desk.

Zach Ware, managing director at Tony Hsieh’s Vegas TechFund, led the round. Other investors included serial entrepreneur Josh Makower, angel investor John R. Woodard, Richard Klein of Quixotic Systems, and various Apple alumni.

The Stir Kinetic Desk is a stylish, $US4,000 smart desk that learns your sitting habits and encourages you to stand more throughout the day. The desk has a touch screen located on the surface of the desk so that you can easily select a standing or sitting position. The screen also shows you information about your health, activity, and movement.

That’s because sitting all day is actually really bad for you, and can even be deadly.

Stir was being developed “long before any of the data had started getting attention and showing that it’s not healthy to sit as much as people often do,” Stir CEO JP Labrosse previously told Business Insider.

Before founding Stir, Labrosse worked as the iPod engineering team leader at Apple for two iPod generations.

Stir, of course, is not the most affordable product out on the market. So given its high price point, it’s pretty impressive that Stir
sold out of its first batch of desks within just a few weeks of going on sale. Stir is currently accepting pre-orders for its second production run.

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