Stimulus Success! Shut Down Window/Door Maker Gets A Second Chance


Boom! The stimulus plan might already be working in Chicago:

WIFR: A green-oriented windows maker, Serious Materials, just announced it bought Republic Windows and Doors assets and hopes to reopen the plant with the same workers. US Senator Dick Durbin says the company will be an early beneficiary of stimulus legislation. That’s because there are 16-billion dollars in stimulus funds for weatherization programs that should create demand for Serious Materials products.

“The fuel efficient and energy efficient windows and doors they make are going to be in demand as we move towards weatherization, so this will not only help the homeowners, it will help the environment. It will help create good paying jobs right here in Chicago,” says Dick Durbin.
About 250 people worked for Republic before it abruptly shut down December 5th.

In December, employees of Republic Windows and Doors staged a sit in at their factory to protest its closing. They were frustrated that they only got three days notice before being canned and that the government was willing to prop up banks while letting them wither. Not they’ve sort of got their own bailout.

This has the potential to be a great story, we hope it works out.

(Image of Serious Materials CEO via Treehugger)

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