The White House says a ‘large number’ of Americans will receive $1,400 stimulus checks by the end of March

White house press secretary jen psaki
Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary. SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images
  • The White House says many Americans can expect to get a $US1,400 ($1,829) stimulus check this month.
  • Individuals earning below $US75,000 ($97,963) annually can receive the full amount.
  • Under the last stimulus bill, the IRS distributed 147 million checks in two months.
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The White House said on Monday that many Americans could expect to get a $US1,400 ($1,829) stimulus check within a few weeks.

The White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, said the Biden administration was aiming to distribute a significant number of checks this month.

“We expect a large number of Americans to receive relief by the end of the month,” she said, later adding that Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen was “focused like a laser” on getting checks out the door this month.

House Democrats are on course to approve a $US1.9 ($2) trillion relief bill as soon as Tuesday. It contains direct payments in addition to other provisions such as $US350 ($457) billion in aid to states, $US300 ($392) weekly federal unemployment benefits, and a large expansion of the child tax credit.

Individuals earning up to $US75,000 ($97,963) can receive the $US1,400 ($1,829) check. Couples making up to $US150,000 ($195,925) also qualify for the full amount.

Households above both those income thresholds could get a smaller amount, but eligibility is capped at individuals earning above $US80,000 ($104,494) and couples making more than $US160,000 ($208,987). Biden authorized lowering the eligibility thresholds last week after a push from moderate Senate Democrats.

Still, the vast majority of Americans would be eligible to get a direct payment. The left-leaning Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy estimated that the legislation would benefit 86% of adults and 85% of children.

It would be the third wave of one-time checks that the federal government has authorized during the pandemic. Congress early last year approved $US1,200 ($1,567) stimulus checks, most of which the IRS sent within a month.

Lawmakers approved sending $US600 ($784) relief checks as part of a pandemic aid package in December. The IRS sent 147 million payments to eligible taxpayers it had on file in less than two months.

People who did not receive a check in either round can file to get one in their 2020 tax return.