Freddie's CFO Suicide Remains A Mystery

More than a week after the tragic news that acting Freddie Mac CFO David Kellermann killed himself, the story behind it is still a mystery.

Sure there’s the obvious stuff: Working at Freddie Mac under current conditions most be positively miserable. And he supposedly felt as though everyone was disappointed in his work.

But in terms of what actually made him snap? Not clear at all.

In an in-depth look at Kellermann, The Journal manages to tug on a few string. There was apparently a lot of pressure about the search for a full-time CFO. But then it’s not clear if he even wanted to keep the job full time. He was certainly in the running for it, but was told that if he didn’t get it, he’d get his choice of what to do at the company.

And then there’s an accounting issue — something that might’ve required Freddie to take a $30 billion charge — but the firm got that resolved by the SEC, so it should’ve been a non-issue (side note: It’s fascinating that the not-so-tiny matter of a $30 BILLION LOSS comes down to accounting arcana, but it does).

And well, that’s all they really managed to come up with. It certainly doesn’t look if they’re ever going to find the one bright clue that puts it all together.

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