Still For Sale:

Last month, we tried marketing to buyers, to no avail. Today the NYT does the same thing: It notes that revenue and visitors are up, and that Rupert Murdoch’s move into business news has set the sector on its ear. The turmoil, the Times offers helpfully, “might make an established, long-standing online portal like attractive to a larger organisation.”

Alas, last month we suggested that valuation might be the major stumbling block to an acquisition, and that was when TSCM was hovering around $10; today it’s closer to $15. Still, for any prospective tire-kickers out there, allow us to highlight one selling point the Times didn’t make:  The company’s attempts to wean itself away from subscription revenue looks to be working. Through the first half of this year 59% of the’s sales came from subscriptions, a year ago that number was 68%.

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