Stiglitz: U.S. Monetary Policy Is Creating "Bubbles All Over The World"

Professor Joseph Stiglitz was on Bloomberg Television today talking about the situation in Europe, the crisis of German decision-making on Greece, and the potential for global bubble development.

  • 0:20 Crazy markets are driving the Greece scare
  • 1:22 If Europe continues to hold out and markets continue to act crazy, Greece will have to go to the IMF
  • 2:15 European system has fundamental flaws that need to be dealt with
  • 2:45 Germany is the main beneficiary of the E.U. model, yet it doesn’t want to pay out
  • 3:50 Unless the euro zone comes to the aid of Greece, some state is going to be next
  • 5:20 The U.S. economy exposed China to massive risks, because of U.S. bubble making
  • 5:40 The key risk is that U.S. monetary policy is flooding the world with liquidity and creating “bubbles all over the world”

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