Steven Tyler Blasts Former Manager In $8M Suit For Being Rude And ‘Verbally Abusive’

Steven Tyler
Steven Tyler is at the centre of a legal battle between his former manager and current lawyer.

In October, Steven Tyler was the subject of an $8 million lawsuit — that never revealed him by name — in which his former management company was suing his current lawyer over a botched “American Idol” contract that led to the singer’s exit from the Fox show.In the initial suit, Tyler’s former manager, Allen Kovac, claims that his celebrity client’s new lawyer, Dina LaPolt, ruined the rocker’s chances of getting a big raise on “Idol” — costing them commissions and their client.

But now, for the first time, Tyler is speaking out about the “verbal abuse” and “rude” behaviour he suffered from Kovac.

“It is an understatement to say that I was very unhappy with the services and conduct of Allen Kovac,” Tyler said in the declaration filed in LA Superior Court. “Among other things, he was disrespectful and rude to my business associates, insulted and verbally abused my fiancé, my lawyer, my family, my assistants, and my accountants.”

LaPort, meanwhile, has filed an anti-SLAPP motion of her own, stating (via Deadline):

“This lawsuit is nothing more than Kovac’s desperate attempt to exact revenge for his loss of one valuable management client, mega famous rock star and television personality Steven Tallarico p/k/a Steven Tyler (“Tyler”), and his fear of losing a second, a renowned rock band, Motley Crue … Kovac has no one to blame for his troubles but himself, yet he is intent on seeking to harm and publicly embarrass Defendants Dina LaPolt and LaPolt Law, P.C. (collectively, “LaPolt”), and to interfere with her relationships with her clients.”

LaPolt’s lawyers are now seeking a hearing on January 14 to have Kovac’s suit tossed out.